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Synchroline Aknicare Active Anti-Acne Lotion 25ml

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Quick Overview

Alcoholic solution specifically designed for controlling and attenuating acne symptoms for cases that require a marked and rapid action. It is useful for the treatment of large hairy substances such as the chest and back.

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Synchroline Aknicare Active Anti-Acne Lotion 25ml


Aknicare Lotion should always be used in conjunction with the Aknicare Cream (see below). It has ingredients which creates conditions where oil production IN the skin reduces. It alters the environment to help normalise skin shedding, skin thickening and pore diameter from within. This reduces the risk of new spots forming. Aknicare Lotion also contains an exfoliant, two anti-bacterial agents and a free radical neutraliser, which helps to calm and sooth existing inflammation.

Aknicare Lotion is designed to assist in creating a spot free environment in the skin. It optimises the environment so that normalisation of oil levels and skin shedding can occur, while also re-establishing the correct diameter of the pilo-sebaceous duct. The Lotion takes a little time to boost linoleic acid levels whereas (sebum)oil production may slow down faster resulting in initial increased skin moisture loss, resulting in drier skin. Aknicare Cream should be used to increase moisture levels in the skin and to assist in restoring skin linoleic acid levels. It is much more than a moisturiser as it also captures and holds water in the skin:

  • Water free solution - self sterilising mesh applicator
  • Changes the skin environment, allowing the skin sebum production to reduce (up to 68% reduction)
  • Helps to calm and sooth inflammation and swelling
  • Creates conditions which normalise cell turnover, skin shedding from within the skin - less blockages
  • Assists hair follicle duct diameter to normalises - less blockages again
  • 2 anti-bacterials - second and third in the Aknicare system for healthy skin bacteria
  • Should be used in conjunction with Aknicare Cream

How to use:

Following preparation with an exfoliating cleanser or a calming and soothing cleanser and toner, thoroughly dampen all parts of the skin with active spots and also any parts of the skin prone to spots. Allow to air-dry before applying Aknicare Cream.

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