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In 2002 Iwostin Laboratory in cooperation with dermatologists developed an innovative range of cosmetics. Many-years' research effort and clinical tests resulted in the creation of the first series of dermocosmetics based on Polish thermal water from Iwonicz Zdrój. Their formulas have been developed in cooperation with dermatologists. Our main objective is to prevent and solve skin problems, such as skin dryness, allergy, atopic dermatitis and hypersensitivity to traditional cosmetics. The formularies of all Iwostin series products are based on thermal water from Iwonicz Zdrój. The water's therapeutic properties have been known and made use of since the 16th century. It owes its fame to the content of, among others, silica, iodine, bromine, strontium, magnesium and fluorine. Silica influences the immunity and elasticity of the epidermis, while calcium and metaboric acid ions provide an astringent and anti-inflammatory effect. Thermal water from Iwonicz Zdrój alleviates skin irritations, checks itching and speeds up wound healing.

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